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Welcome to  Bamboo Plant Paradise in the Whitsundays in north QLD Australia just 10 minutes drive from Airlie Beach

We have the best quality non-invasive bamboo plants and poles for sale in north Queensland. We keep a large stock of bambusa textilis VAR gracilis slender weavers bamboo, the most popular screening and hedge bamboo in Australia. Click here to buy gracilis bamboo screening plants

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Bamboo Hedges and screens

For information on the best wholesale clumping Bamboo plants for hedges and privacy screens in north Queensland Australia browse this site.

Why buy bamboo for hedges or screens ? because you can have it higher than any fence is allowed ! You can use it for privacy from the neighbours or as an additional sound barrier and wind break. For more bamboo hedges, screens and bamboo plant information Bamboo hedge information.

Cover up that ugly fence and plant Bamboo. It can be planted in a bed as
narrrow as 300mm wide and 500mm deep. Between your drive way and your border
fence to give your family more privacy. Bamboo hedges also make a good sound barrier or wind break.

Bamboo screens in pots

The right Bamboo in a large pots is a good mobile screen for your deck or around your swimming pool, move them to where you need them. Bambusa ventricosa Budda Belly, Bambusa ventricosa Kimie yellow Buddy Belly and Bambusa vulgaris wamin Buddy Belly are the best Bamboos to grow in pots. Other species will also grow in pots, but will need a lot of care.
Please view my FAQs pages for tips on caring for your bamboos in pots.

Hedges with bamboo is a smart alternative to fencing and walls.  

We can supply a variety of species. Buy bamboo direct from us and save.

Young plants in 200mm pots work out very inexpensive and you can watch your bamboo hedge grow.

Buy bamboo plants and share the cost with your good neighbour 
and use semi advanced or mature plants for an instant privacy screen.  

Bamboo is used all over the world for wind breaks 
for orchards, gardens and also to keep out livestock.  
Bamboo Bambusa Ventricosa and Dendrocalamus Hamiltini are also grown to feed livestock and the thorny bamboos keep out unwanted intruders.
The plant spacing for small suburban bamboo hedges can be one metre apart.       
This will form a quicker hedge and the plants will
compete and keep there height below average. 
By planting them two meters apart they will form a hedge slower but grow taller.  
The same goes for larger hedging bamboos when spacing these ;between 3m and 5m apart respectively.

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo plants and poles in stock ready to go

We grow bamboo in 200mm pots and up to 400 litres bags the most popular types of Bamboos. We supply bamboo plants and Bamboo poles to landscapers and developers and
do-it-your-selfers as well as arts and craft people.                                           

We can freight plants and poles to any destination in australia. Most of our bamboo plants and poles business is done in the regional towns of north
and central queensland, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville and the Whitsundays.

Bamboo green tree frog

Bamboo Workshops

On demand Bamboo Whitsunday can organise creative bamboo workshops for people who are interested in learning about the many uses of bamboo.

A series of workshops will be offered in Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland, beginning August details can be found on this site

An excellent web forum all relating to bamboo and what this resource can do and do for you visit


Live in an earthquake zone or building in an earthquake area? Then you need to consider building a shelter with bamboo or re-inforcing with bamboo.

Heres some information on using bamboo as a building material. Building with Bamboo

Our garden design and principles

We are an eco friendly permaculture designed garden and Bamboo nursery.
We use no pesticides or herbicides on our potted plants or in the 2 hectares of garden. For pest control and to turn the leaf litter we have over 100 Malay Fowl.
game chickens free ranging in the garden. Malay games are very quite birds. They can grow to almost 1 meter tall and 6 ½ Kilos in weight. The world’s largest chicken. We also use stable manure to mulch our inground plants>

For an excellent paper on building a bamboo farm read this Grow a bamboo farm link
Gold wing malay game fowl
Gold wing malay game fowl

Erosion control with clumping bamboo plants

80% of a non-invasive clumping bamboo plants roots are in the first 200mm of soil. A 10m high plant 3 years old will have matt of roots in a 10m in diameter area around your bamboo plant.

The network of bamboo rhizome's will also hold your lands soil together.

Planting clumping bamboo plants on your steep hill or creek banks or in your parks or farm will control erosion .

It will hold your soil together just like a large grass would. But has a lot more practical uses .

General information about Bamboo:

Bamboo are found in all tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world especially in Asia and South America.

In the Philippines they grow in all parts of the archipelago, such as on the shores, plains, forest, hillside and mountains.

Bamboo is one of the most common materials used in house construction, furniture-making and in manufacturing other useful materials.

The stems or culms of bamboo are cylindrical and generally hollow and separated by partitions into joints.

These partitions are known as nodes. Thickness of the culms and the length of the internodes vary greatly in different species. The space between nodes is called internodes.

Shoots are generally developed at the beginning of the rainy season.

The young shoots grow very rapidly and reach their full growth in height and thickness. In most species the plant assumes a featherly appearance.

The culms are not considered mature until their branches are fully formed. The number of shoots produced yearly from each clump of bamboo varies with the vigor of the individual plant and the habits of the species. The mature age of most species is considered to be 30 years. The larger species produce 12-20 culms and the smaller ones 30-50 culms.

Some species of bamboo have larger leaves and others small ones, but variations in the size of the leaves may occur in some clumps and species of bamboo. Neither size, shape or the number of veins in the leaf can be taken as invariable.

Many species of bamboos bear flowers once and then die. Some flower after a great interval of time. The flowers usually appear only after the bamboo is full leaf and in the majority of cases, the leaves drop off as the inflorescence continue to form. The flowers may cover the branches or only the bracelets.

They may be few or very numerous.

Lotus Flower

enjoy your Bamboo Plants