Bamboo Hedges and Wind Breaks

Bamboo Hedging, Bambusa Heterostachya

Bamboo Hedging, Bambusa Lako
Hedging with bamboo is a smart alternative to fencing and walls.  
We can supply a variety of species.  

Young plants in 200mm pots work out very inexpensive and you can watch your hedge grow.  

You could share the cost with your good neighbor and use semi advanced or mature plants for instant privacy.  

Bamboo is used all over the world for wind breaks for orchards, gardens and also to keep out livestock.  

Bamboo Bambusa Ventricosa and Dendrocalamus Hamiltini are all so grown to feed livestock and the thorny bamboos keep out unwanted intruders.

The plant spacing for small suburban hedges can be one metre apart.  This will form a quicker hedge and the plants will compete and keep there height below average. 

By planting them two meters apart they will form a hedge slower but grow taller.  

The same goes for larger hedging bamboos when spacing these  
between 1.5m and 5m apart respectively.

Bamboo Hedging

Bamboo Hedging